Lakewood Strategic Growth initiative

Help Manage Growth and  Preserve Open Space

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Contact Lakewood Neighborhood Partnerships board members:

Cathy Kentner (303-349-2434) or Heather Wenger (720-985-3522)



  • To assure the preservation of our unique environment and high quality of life.
  • To maintain property values.
  • To encourage preservation of larger open space parcels.
  • To avoid increases in crime and urban decay associated with unmanaged growth.
  • To encourage redevelopment of blighted and distressed areas.
  • To allow mitigation of the effects of past and future growth on our aging infrastructure and overcrowded schools.
  • To manage growth so that it proceeds in an orderly and timely manner and does not exceed the capacity of public facilities and community services; and
  • To avoid degradation of air and water quality.

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